Tesla Academy
This is a concept piece that I created for the automotive and power solution company, Tesla. I was given a still image, an audio file (narration), and the script; I extrapolated from those elements to create additional visual elements as well as the style, pacing of the animation. I build upon the existing branding to create a logo unique to the manufacturer's consumer educational department. (**Note: I am not currently, or ever have been, an employee of Tesla. The work was created as part of the interview process at the company.)
Interaction Design, Motion Graphics, 3D Modeling, Branding
Performa Apps
Branding and responsive WordPress design/ development for an ERP consulting company
Web Design, Web Development, Branding, Print Design
Joseph M. Colombo, Composer
Website Design/ Development, Branding, Logotype for a modern classical composer. The client wanted a responsive WordPress website redesign that better reflected his his current musical style. The composer creates works that are modern/experimental as well as traditional/ambient/minimal and styled the branding/ site to reflect the various characteristics of those musical works.
Branding, Web Design, Web Development
Dating with Confidence Coaching
Dating coach Raeeka Yaghmai works with women on how to date with confidence, charm, playfulness, and curiosity. She provides her clients with effective tools to break patterns that are hindering their dating and love life success so that they start attracting men who are aligned with their values and vision for their ideal lives. I worked with Raeeka to create her branding, website, and print materials to be classy, confident, strong, and feminine. I chose the typeface 'Coronet' as it conjures up images of the Hollywood's glamorous 1950s: soft but bold and refined. Raeeka has a Persian heritage and I incorporated subtle accents in the designs to honor this.
Web Development, Web Design, Branding, Print Design, WordPress
Candra Scott & Anderson
Responsive, WordPress refresh of a legacy, Flash-based website. Client wanted to retain (generally): color scheme, branding, and typography. I was able to give the site a much more modern, premium feel that better matched the client's business specialty.
Web Design, Web Development
Raeeka Shehabi-Yaghmai, Soprano
I did a responsive WordPress website redesign for this San Francisco-based opera singer. The art direction was done by the very talented Ardalan Payvar (https://www.behance.net/ardalanpayvar}.
Web Design, Web Development
A Great Smile Dental
A Great Smile Dental is Las Vegas general and cosmetic dental practice that offers the very latest technologies, techniques, and materials to their patients. They provide a warm, personal touch and have forged strong ties with their patients and community. I worked AGSD to create a responsive website that clearly reflected their practice: modern, friendly, and clean.
Web Design, Web Development, WordPress
Edanne Creative
Logotypes/ Wordmarks
Logotype and wordmark designs
Branding, Graphic Design, Print Design
The client requested a series of business-friendly cartoons that highlighted some of the pain points that their clients were facing.
Illustration, Art Direction, Cartooning
Image Retouching & Editing
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